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Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Church

The Church recognizes that every parish will function at its best when it uses all of the talents available to it. With this in mind, the Church mandates that every parish form a Parish Pastoral Council. The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory group to the Pastor. The Pastoral Council provides a way for the people to communicate to the pastor and the pastor to communicate to them. The Pastoral Council represents an important tool through which the pastor can come to a greater appreciation of the parishioners, their expectations, hopes, wishes, concerns and complaints. The Pastoral Council also becomes an additional agent through which the pastor can explain his decisions and actions. Qualifications for a candidate for the Parish Pastoral Council is that she/he be registered in the parish, celebrate the Eucharist weekly in their parish and are active to some degree in some of the activities and/or groups of the parish. For the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Official Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils, refer to the attached document. 

Archdiocese Guideline


   Current Members of St. Lawrence Pastoral Council

Fr. Walter J. Benn
Sharon Affuso
John Capobianco
Mark Culichia
Jim Eckrich
Mary Gambino
Mariann Helfant

     Schedule of meetings for St. Lawrence  Parish Pastoral Council:
                                       5/6/20, 9/9/20, 11/4/2020