Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Church

Formerly known as the St. Lawrence Men’s Society this group can best be described as men from the parish who were eager to contribute to the care of the parish’s infrastructure. Historically, most had background in industry, construction, engineering, geology and commercial businesses. Background in these fields was not a requirement but it became a great blessing to the parish and its pastors. Their skills and experience were gifts that most pastors could only wish for. As an example, all of St. Lawrence 2018 and 2019 Capital Projects were initiated through their guidance and supervision. In 2017, they expressed a desire to add a spiritual component to their organization. After  researching various spiritual groups for men, they settled on the Holy Name Society. The group was officially admitted as the Riegelsville Chapter of the Holy Name Society of Philadelphia on January, 2019. In their spirit of generosity and following the Gospel, they are currently in the process of developing  a strategy of “Good Works” to be practiced within and outside of the Parish. Regardless of a man’s background, education, interest, age or state in life, St. Lawrence’s Holy Name Society welcomes all men of the area  who seek to celebrate living the Gospel as men. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month in Ceader Hall

President of the St. Lawrence Holy Name Society is Joe Affuso [610] 258-1621


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