Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Church


RELATIONSHIP WITH PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL The Parish Finance Council, mandated by the Code of Canon Law, is separate and distinct from the Parish Pastoral Council. Communication between the two Councils is, however, essential. In order to ensure the communication, a member of the Parish Finance Council serves on the Parish Pastoral Council as an ex officio member. The Parish Finance Council shares with the Parish Pastoral Council information regarding the parish finances and temporalities on a regular basis. The Parish Finance Council assists the Pastor in implementing the pastoral plans suggested by the Parish Pastoral Council by making fiscally responsible recommendations.


The Church recognizes that every parish will function at its best when it uses the talents available to it. With this in mind, the Church mandates that every parish establish a Parish Finance Council. The financial environment of today’s society is complex, fluid and demanding. Every parish must be prepared to operate in this environment and can only do so with the aid of parishioners familiar with this world. The Parish Finance Council is an advisory group to the Pastor; they are offer wise direction and counsel to the Pastor in the everyday financial decisions of the parish; in the planning for the future and in the disciplined formations of that parish’s financial priorities & strategy. As with members of the Parish Pastoral Council, members of the Parish Financial Counsel should be drawn from registered parishioners whose  lives are grounded in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist and participate in various parish activities and groups. Because of the confidentiality nature of the Parish Finance Council’s work, their meetings are closed to the public. However, a annual report on the finances of the Parish is issued to the parishioners by the Parish Finance Council. For the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Official Guidelines for Parish Finance Councils. Refer to the attached document.