The beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church are grounded on two pillars: Scripture and Tradition. Most Catholics are familiar with the Tradition component of our teachings, but sometimes feel inadequate when it comes to their understanding of the Scriptures. Since the 1970’s, the Church has encouraged a renewal in its effort to educate Catholics in their familiarity and understanding of Sacred Scripture. Each year, St. Lawrence Parish hosts two Scripture Studies.

The following are some quick bullet points for your information:

  • They generally run for 10 weeks and focus on one Book of the Bible. The “Fall” session runs between mid-September to mid-December; the ”Winter/Spring” runs from mid-January to mid- April.

  • Occasionally, depending on the Book being studied, these studies can last longer.

  • St. Lawrence Scripture Study is based on the very successful Little Rock Scripture Study.

  • Materials { Commentary + Study Guide} are provided. Costs $12.00-15.00

  • Each session lasts 90 minutes. The first 60 minutes are a discussion of the material the group was assigned to reflect on during the previous week. In most cases this involves no more than 2-3 chapters of the Book they are focusing on. The final 20-30 minutes involve reviewing a video produced by Scripture Scholars commenting on the material the group just covered.

Don’t worry…………..there are no tests! This is a discussion format lead by Fr. Benn, who acts as a facilitator of the group and their conversation.

There are many people who have an interest in scripture studies; yet, decline participating in them because they feel “they don’t know anything”. That’s the very reason for participating in these studies! What one learns through these studies helps them to understand, appreciate and enjoy their Catholic Faith even more.


Scripture Studies

 2019-2020 Schedule of Scripture Studies

Winter/Spring Study:

Women of the Old Testament / 1-14-20 > 3-31-20 / Tuesdays 10:30 AM – 12PM  

Cost of materials $15.00

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